Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter letter

Hi everybody. I hope you have enjoyed the Easter as much as I have. In Denmark we have got this great Easter tradition, where you write an anonymous letter to somebody you know. Normally the letter is a folded piece of paper, that is cut out in beautiful graphic patterns. Inside, the letter has a little rhyme written on it.

I am really not that great with a pair of scissors, so I just drew the pattern I wanted. Instead I found a little poem, I thought was cute, so I made this illustration to it. If you translate the poem to english, it says something like this:

"Oh, I bourgth myself a chicken,
who lays great big eggs.
But the eggs it lays,
I'm gonna put away
and exchange for one that is bigger, of chocolate
that you get if you can guess,
from whoem the letter came."

So if the reciever of the letter can't guess who send the letter, you get a chocolate Easter egg. But if he or she gusses who send the letter, you have to give the person a chocolate egg instead. To be fair, you give the person a hint, by writing your name with dotts.

So now you know this - if you ever recieve a Danish Easter-letter. Take care.

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